Saturday, June 20, 2020

Rabblerouser Priests and "Keynote" Speakers

There really is no such thing as "coincidence" according to Jack Ryan (Red Star Rising, Hunt for Red October, etc.)

So when we survey the list of keynote speakers scheduled for the rabble-rousing AUSCP meet-up next week, we can see the parallels.

(AUSCP is notorious for its opposition to Church teachings and disciplines including agitation for ordained female deacons and for married priests.  They have hired a faux priest-ette, resulting in a warning letter from the local Ordinary; in general, they're the clerical descendants of Woodstock.)

The "keynote speakers" at the upcoming festivities?

Sr. Carol Zinn, SSJ, ex-Presidentess of the Leadership Council of Women Religious (the female counterpart to AUSCP);

John Carr, ex-director of the U.S. bishops’ domestic and international policy programs, retired from the USCCB policy office in 2012.  USCC's horrific Bernardin-Leftist orientation was the work-product of this fellow, and not even the General Secretary (now-Bishop) Malloy could unseat him.

Sr. Carol Keehan, notorious for her endorsement of ObamaCare and its funding of abortions-on-demand; Keehan is, thus, complicit on the persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Archbishop John C. Wester is the episcopal moderator of the AUSCP. He was ordained a priest in San Francisco in 1976 (need we say more?)  Apparently he forgot to put on his clerics for the pretty picture at the linked site.

Sr Simone Campbell, SSS, another abortion-on-demand/ObamaCare supportress.

The only surprise is that Bp. Seitz isn't on the list.  Maybe he'll earn a spot next year, eh?

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