Tuesday, June 16, 2020

431 Cops Are Victims of Riots This Summer--So Far

Whether Antifa anarcho-Communist rioters or BLM rioters--or both--the "mostly peaceful" demonstrations have altered or ended the lives of 431 police officers across the country.

A big chunk of that number was in Chicago, where 132 coppers were injured.  But it's all over the country, from NYC and DC all the way to Davenport, IA.

A UW-M "professor" named Vysotsky stated that the violence is 'not sufficient' to meet his standards for .....something.

He's a sorry example of a human being and may actually be an idiot, too.

You don't have to love the police to understand that they ARE the line between peace and war in civil society, which is to say that if you want a civil society, you'd best support the police.

And buy more ammo.

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