Wednesday, June 10, 2020

IG Linick: Another Snake in the Grass

Remember that 'saint' IG who Trump fired at Pompeo's request?  Linick?  The holy-pictures guy who was canned because he investigated Pompeo for .......some damn thing.......?

Yah.  That one.

Well, like all Members of Deep State, he's a snake, a liar, and a conspirator.

The State Department is leveling new allegations against fired Inspector General Steve Linick, accusing him of violating the terms of his administrative leave and previously violating the chain of command to absolve himself and his office of leaking sensitive information, two letters obtained by Daily Caller show.

Undersecretary of State Brian Bulatao is additionally urging the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) to open a new investigation into Linick’s alleged actions....

Not only did he (illegally) leak info--he also suborned another IG (in DHS) to "help" him--which was a violation of the terms of his paid leave.

Fits.  He looks like a snake in the picture, too.

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Tancred said...

Whatever happened to, “to the victor’s go the spoils?”

Democrats routinely purge all the appointees from the previous administration and no one bats an eye.