Monday, June 08, 2020

You Trust These People?

Last graf from a noteworthy editorial about spying on YOU.

...Remember that just in the last year, we’ve learned that the FBI was constantly accessing Americans’ communications collected under Section 702 of FISA illegally. We’ve learned that the FBI breaks its own procedures for applying for FISA orders nearly every time, according to a random sample of 29 such applications. We’ve learned that these lapses allowed illegal surveillance of a U.S. presidential campaign. We’ve learned that the executive branch believes it can spy on Americans even without congressional laws allowing them to do so....
And a few years ago, we learned that the NSA collects information on EVERY phone call and EVERY email made/sent in the USA.  Because they can.

Trump is right:  screw this crap along with its enablers:  McConnell, Schiff, the FBI, and dozens of others who choose to remain anonymous, which is the best way to flagrantly violate the Fourth Amendment.

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