Monday, June 15, 2020

New Fusionism: Trump & Kushner

Not that long ago, there was Old Fusionism--a sort of truce-and-combine, with Traditional Conservatives (Burke-Kirk types) combining with Libertarians (today's Koch bunch) so that in combo, they could overcome the socialist-progressive types--at that time, actual Communists and certain Democrats.  The cake was baked by Frank Meyer and pushed hard by Bill Buckley--Meyer's employer at National Review.

Buckley thought it was a genius thing--but given the state of affairs at NR these days, maybe it wasn't.


Today's Fusionism combines the law-and-order instincts of Donald Trump and the soft-on-crime but high-on-immigration babble-pablum of his son-in-law Jared Kushner.  Wonder why Seb Gorka bailed out of the White House?  Wonder no more.

This is a concern.

...Americans almost immediately became intimately acquainted with Rollins’ Koch-approved approach to crime. Behind the scenes, Rollins and Kushner continue to advise Trump to go soft on those engaged in violence across the country.

“The president has signaled that he would very much like to crack down on rioters,” [Tucker] Carlson said on June 1. “That is his instinct. If you’ve watched him you believe it. But every time he has been talked out of it by Jared Kushner and by aides that Kushner has hired and controlled.” Rollins is one of those aides for whom murder, mayhem, and madness constitute a small price to pay for the reforms that are in the interest of her backers....

Yes.  Despite her "Texas girl" act, Ms. Rollins--the subject of the essay linked just above--is a dyed-in-the-wool Lefty, except about the topic of money; on that topic, she's a Koch-ite.

Trump has an impending problem here.  Either he is going to shove the rioters back to their cages--or put them INTO cages--his 'law and order' rhetoric will be less and less credible.  Riots, looting, assaulting cops (and often, civilians) is NOT something Trump's voters will ignore for long.

But if Trump pushes hard, his daughter's hubby will be heartbroken or something.

We'll see very soon, won't we?

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Anonymous said...

The Zman's posts on Libertarians and Buckley's are quite eye-opening.
Christians need to stick to God's laws and principles with all heart, sole, and body - however we have not. Protestants sects, having broken away as they "know better", will continue to deviate from sound morals and concede to man's faults and modern "knowledge:" fallacies. Libertarians have no moral basis, only having the call of Freedom/Liberty to guide them. Our Lord asks for us to be chained to him, we must voluntary give up our liberty to free ourselves from the sins of man. A libertarian cannot be a Christian, nor can a Christian be a libertarian.