Friday, June 12, 2020

Covid Fright-Fraud, Schools, and Two-Income Families

We mentioned earlier that the Sun Prairie school district is not likely to have the Little Darlings in school full-time this coming year due to the Fright-Fraud over the Chinese Communist Party Virus.

Wauwatosa is having similar thoughts, but was foolish enough to send out a survey.

...In Wauwatosa, for example, a survey is asking what options may work best in an effort to reduce class sizes. They include alternating days or weeks or bringing elementary students back to the classroom while keeping middle and high school students learning remotely at home....
It's useless to recap the clear and compelling Wisconsin statistics about the decline of WuFlu, as the Radical Woke/Left schools (and teachers) have no interest in facts.  The current Hair-On-Fire is "Second Wave" for a reason, friends.

For all you two-income parents:  best think about serious household budget reductions.

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