Thursday, June 18, 2020

Maybe Sen. Johnson Was Napping?

Granted:  RoJo did not HAVE to publicly oppose the "Equality" Act; three Republican Senators prevented its 'unanimous consent' passage--and technically, it's still in committee, but even so.....

...Only three Republican senators — Utah’s Mike Lee, Missouri’s Josh Hawley, and Oklahoma’s Jim Lankford — rose to speak against the Equality Act. If not for them, the bill would have passed and would be on its way to the president’s desk....

What's the Big Deal?

...Mike Lee, in his remarks, pointed out that the Equality Act would demolish protection of women-only spaces like locker rooms and bathrooms, putting women who fear for their safety with biological males present there.

Josh Hawley pointed out that the Equality Act guts key provisions of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, amending it to not apply to SOGI. It would force faith-based adoption agencies out of business unless they conformed. It would force doctors and nurses to perform, or assist in performing, abortions — and give them no conscience right of refusal.

Jim Lankford said that this bill is not about finding a middle-ground compromise, but about one side imposing its views on the other. If you like women’s sports — high school, college, and professional — then you should know that if this bill passes, it would be a violation of federal civil rights law to prevent a biological male who identifies as female from competing in women’s leagues....[ed.:  this last is likely the case already given Bostock.]

Whatever.  We're all certain that Ron Johnson will vote against it should it emerge from committee, right?

After all, he wants to run for Governor and needs religious Conservatives, right?  (He could ask Hagedorn.)

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