Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Old White Mayor Gets Slapped in MKE

If you hadn't noticed, Tom Barrett--an old white Mayor--has never really been down with The Struggle.  Barrett hasn't really been down with anything much except his entitlement to an easy job because.........Democrat.

He's being slapped because of it.

The Milwaukee Common Council voted unanimously Tuesday to send a series of Mayor Tom Barrett's cabinet-level appointments back to committee for further consideration.

Ald. Milele Coggs, who made the motion to further consider the appointments, said her intention was not to hold up the process for an extensive length of time but rather for the council to reshape the city's efforts to serve Milwaukee residents. 

"The unrest we see across the globe is sparked by the death of an African American man, George Floyd in Minneapolis, who died as a white officer had his knee on his neck — or the many deaths of black people at the hands of those charged with the responsibility to protect and serve," she said. ...

That's a crock.  Coggs has little use for Barrett and intends to use those hostages to obtain more Free Shit for "her constituents."  And when Barrett reduces the Police Department by 10% and shoves that $50MM into the Free Shit accounts, Barrett will be told to bend over and take it again.

Then he'll decide to retire instead, and that was the whole point.

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