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The Founders' Virtues vs. "Education": How To Manufacfure Crisis

Sub-Headline:  To Whom Are You Kneeling??

Perhaps you've noticed that there are no answers to questions like "What progress shall we make?" or "What are the specifics of 'institutional racism'"? or "Name some changes we can make immediately to repair the problem!"

That's because "institutional racism" as it's portrayed does not exist in this country any more.  Racism is a moral fault, thus a property of individuals.  Those non-virtuous, immoral people wrote laws or regulations or created policies which perpetuated racism--but in the United States, those have been virtually eliminated over the last half-century--so what remains of racism is NOT "institutional," but rather, is personal.

The Founding Fathers understood the absolute value of and need for virtue in society.  They made it clear:  without virtuous citizens, the country would collapse.  Moreover:

...the founders were far from being concerned only with low bourgeois virtues, such as acquisitiveness, and comfortable self-preservation. In fact, they considered “virtue as a condition of freedom and a requirement of the laws of nature.

...Many public documents from the time spoke of the need for social and republican virtues within the populace such as justice (i.e., obeying the law), moderation, benevolence, temperance, industry, frugality, religious piety, and a responsibility among the people’s representatives to secure their good. In times of war, however, virtues of strength such as courage, leadership, bravery, vigor, and manly exertion are required. “Virtue is of concern to government not as an end in itself, but as a means to security and ultimately to happiness,” [Prof.] West concludes.

The Natural Law was the basis for the Founders' understanding of "virtue," of course.  That's why the "laws of Nature" were specifically cited in the Declaration.  The whole of Natural Law is downloaded to humans at conception:  we know Natural Law because of conscience.  But "conscience" has no army; it doesn't even have a single cop to help it enforce Natural Law--so it's very easy to override it as we have seen time and time again throughout history.

Anyhow, in order to destroy the United States, "virtue" has to go.  And a lot of it did.  Positive laws enshrining the virtues were eliminated, or worse, positive laws enshrining vices were enacted, among those the laws flowing from the individual's sin of racism.

So what does Marx and "education" have to do with all this?   Glad you asked!!

...former Soviet journalist and KGB informant Yuri Bezmenov laid out [a].... concise strategy for subversion in a 1984 interview.
Alinksy’s seminal book specified 13 Rules for Radicals, but Bezmenov had only four “stages of ideological subversion,” and they will sound very familiar to anyone following the current wave of left-wing riots, or the politicized final stages of the coronavirus panic before it: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization....
That "demoralization" required education--or rather, "re-education."   

We have re-education camps, and we call them "schools."

...Bezmenov said the first stage, Demoralization, could take 15 to 20 years to complete because “this is the minimum number of years it takes to educate one generation of students.”

“Marxist-Leninist ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations without being challenged or counterbalanced by the basic values of Americanism, American patriotism,” he warned in 1984...
'Basic values of Americanism' begin with the virtues, as we mentioned above.

Recall the maxim "In war, the first casualty is the Truth"?  Yes, this is a war.  That's why you've heard such inanity as 'That's YOUR truth.......' from "educated" individuals, young and old.  The key word there is "educated," of course.  "Re-educated" is the better description....

...Bezmenov explained that demoralization is important because it robs the targeted population of its ability to process valid information. Even when demoralization targets are “showered with authentic proof” of contrary positions, they simply “refuse to believe it.”
Try it sometime.  See what happens.

(By the way, this inability (or refusal) to grasp and hold to truth extends to various high- and low-ranking clergy across all denominational lines which is appalling.)

Now, then, if the country (and its laws) are wrong, the best weapon is guilt.

...Americans are routinely compelled to feel guilty about their society and national history. Guilt is the most powerful force in left-wing politics and academia. People will not accept the radical expansion of punitive government power unless they feel guilty and deserving of punishment...
And here we are.  While MLK could point to a lot of actual on-the-books bad laws, today's propagandists and agitators cannot.  So instead, they declare that evil exists (which IS true) and that "institutions" are "guilty" of that evil (NOT true).  It's a sleight-of-hand which works very well because the logical inference is that YOU are "guilty"--after all, it's YOUR "institution." 

(Note well:  they choose the "evil", so while abortion, easily the greatest evil of the past 100 years, the Revolutionaries have declared it "good"--just like sodomy, or serial monogamy.)

Today Nietzsche's "Transvaluation of all Values" is playing out in the streets, almost exclusively the streets of cities where "education" has destroyed the ability to apprehend and act on truth--thus, are unable to act on genuine Virtues, instead acting on "transvalues."  We call those cities "Blue."  Not coincidence. 

Those cities are ripe for 'de-stabilizing,' which is what you see today (Stage 2 above) and which is exactly why the Revolutionaries--Soros, the ChiComs, and Iran not to mention donors to the Tides Foundation (think Ayers & Co.), are financing the riots.  It brings about the opportunity for Stage 3.   And here,  "truth" must be ........ahhh........very flexible, as Hayward points out:

...A crisis has the obvious benefit of panicking demoralized, destabilized people into abandoning their legal protections and constitutional ideals. During the coronavirus panic, people who brought up those ideals were treated like lunatics. The pendulum swung the other way with blinding speed during the riots. In the span of one week, the right to peaceable assembly went from a crazed defiance of common-sense lockdown rules to an urgent matter that utterly transcended the deadly pandemic. Suddenly, angry political demonstration magically cured the coronavirus, or made the projected wave of sickness and death into a purely secondary concern. If you wanted to work at the store so you could feed your family in late March, you were selfishly trying to “kill my Grandma to pad your bank account.” If you wanted to burn the store down in early June to protest white supremacy, nobody mentioned their imperiled grandmothers....
Yah, well, your Granny is a helluvalot more at risk from violent revolutions than from any piddly-assed virus.......but we digress..

And then comes Stage 4.

...The threat of a crisis is essential for terrorizing the middle class into accepting a political agenda that is actively hostile to its interests, which leads to the fourth stage of subversion: the offer to make the pain and fear go away by accepting political domination....
"Domination," eh?  You mean that part where people kneel before their masters instead of God?

THAT domination?

The domination of non-virtue.  Brought to a city near you by Marx and his lying father Satan--the primal Revolutionary.

Oh, yes, this IS a morality thing.  Truth--REAL truth--has everything to do with morality and genuine virtues.  Ask the Founding Fathers....

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