Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Next (and SERIOUS) Assault on the Economy

This afternoon, WTMJ-620 radio reported that the Sun Prairie school district is contemplating a part-time return to school in September 2020.  All in the name of "safety and health," you understand.

Yup.  Part-time.  The little darlings would go to class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and be home for "distance learning" on Thursday and Friday--or some such.  Pick any combination of days on/off.

They apparently sent a video on the matter to parents. 

If Sun Prairie is thinking about this, you can bet other Districts are doing the same.

Both parents work, and have to be AT work, not 'work remote'?  Well, you'd best re-arrange your debt-repayment schedules, eh?

The schools are generally run by Lefties, hired by Lefty Boards, and the operators (teachers) are Lefties. 

Lefties don't like Trump.

So if the Left can find a way to demolish the economy using the schools and the extremely weak "WuFlu" bullshit.........yah, they'll go for it.  If a few families--or a LOT of families--get bashed up on the way, oh, well.  Too bad, so sad, Orange Man Bad!!

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