Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Yes, Virginia, They ARE Gun-Grabbers

Just in case you're dumb enough to believe their lies, here's the facts--in writing--from Virginia.

After printing the relevant parts of an act which will be introduced to the Va. Legislature next year, the American Spectator's Jed Babbin sums it up:

...Thus, every rifle of the common AR-15 design and a great many pistols and shotguns in common use for personal defense, target shooting, and hunting would be banned.

Not only would they be banned, but because SB 16 makes it illegal to possess such firearms, they also would have to be either surrendered to or seized by police authorities in the jurisdiction in which they are located....
Whether this passes as written is absolutely irrelevant to the fact:  they ARE gun-grabbers, not "sensible regulation" people.

Oh--and when it passes--good luck with all that grabbin'!!

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