Monday, September 09, 2019

Is Trump "The End" for Buckley-Reaganism?

The track record of "conservatives", represented today by such as David French and Benny Shapiro, has been dismal.  Griswold, Roe, and Obergefell are the largest mausoleums in the cemetery of "conservative" losses, but another huge structure may soon be built in the graveyard of Western Civilization.

...the Supreme Court will take up three cases considering whether Title VII, the federal law prohibiting employment discrimination, covers “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” within the protected category of “sex.”...

And this will have consequences.

...“Were this Court to declare that ‘sex’ as used in Title VII includes ‘gender identity,’” warns the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in two nearly identical briefs (here and here) to the Supreme Court, “it would open the floodgates to a host of problems, including for persons and institutions with religious and moral convictions about sexual identity and sexual difference.”

Recall that "Western Civilization" rests on Christian Order, an amalgam which includes Aquinas' baptism of Aristotle's thought and elements of both natural and Christian moral law.  That is "the culture" which grows directly from "cult."

Since politics is downstream from the culture, Western governments, whether regal or parliamentarian, have respected and observed Christian Order to one degree or another, and that respect and observance have allowed the democratic republic in which we live to succeed, as mutatis mutandis, it has succeeded in other countries. 

Put another way:  a Christian Order which is seriously eroded or eradicated cannot serve long as a foundation for Western-style parliamentary republics or even regencies.  Only the unserious or grossly uneducated would argue that the Statist dictatorships of Mohammed, Stalin, Hitler, (and most parts of Africa), are superior to those of the Christian West, and only fools point to pre-Christian animist societies as 'examples from which to learn.'  (I'm looking at you, Pp. Francis.)


Buckley-Reaganism, which tacitly endorsed materialist-libertarianism, was no bar to this erosion.  The 'fusionism' on which Buckley's movement rested could not prevail against the Left's continuous attacks, just as it could not prevent the growth of a malevolent Statism seen in the institutions of the Federal Establishment.

Quo vadis, America??  Why is Trump the President?  Clearly not because he is a "Republican" in the Reaganite mold--if that were the case, establishment Pubbies would be his most enthusiastic supporters.  On the other hand, Trump cannot be accused of pushing "Christian Order."  But Trump soundly thrashed a dozen (or so) of the Establishment's Boyzzzz and then went on to roll over an even worse Establishmentarian--a flat-out amoral corruptocrat-materialist of the first water.

So is he the beginning of The End?  Or is he the beginning of a revival of truly Christian Order?

Big questions.  Even bigger than SCOTUS' errors, when you think about it.


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Anonymous said...

"a flat-out amoral corruptocrat-materialist of the first water."

That's even better than what I used in 2016 ("corrupt war-pig").