Wednesday, September 18, 2019

To California: Fix Your OWN Homeless Problem

The Governor of California--a Jesuit product, mind you--asked Trump for Federal money to fix California's homeless problem.


..."Federal taxpayers are clearly doing their part to help solve the crisis," wrote Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson in a Wednesday reply to Newsom, written at the request of President Trump. "California cannot spend its way out of this problem using federal funds."

Carson added that California needs to let police officers refer homeless people to social services workers, and must increase its psychiatric hospital services - which could come via additional federal funding, according to the report. Here's the kicker however; California must end so-called "sanctuary city" policies which he says encourage illegal immigrants to flock to the state in search of government services. ...
IOW, you miserable twit, you want Fed money, you play by Fed rules.

That's TWO slaps to California in one day.

Well played!

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