Tuesday, September 24, 2019

AOC Is Seeing Things

AOC, who may be the first Hispanic-American One-Term Congress-Twit, is seeing things.

“I’m in Colorado [with Democrat Rep. Joe Neguse] visiting communities whose air is being poisoned by fracking. What we’re seeing is appalling. Companies are building fracking sites on public lands, across the street from schools + homes. Their toxic emissions are invisible. This camera sees them,” the freshman congresswoman wrote. 

Included in her tweet was a video of the fracking facility, along with an infrared camera that, she suggested, caught toxins emanating from the site. 

 ...oil and gas experts who spoke to the Daily Caller News Foundation confirmed that the images caught on Ocasio-Cortez’s infrared camera were just heat signatures, not toxic emissions. In fact, they also noted that no fracking is even taking place at this particular site....

The President of Boston University--were he honorable--should be thinking seriously about hara-kiri, as his institution granted this rockhead a degree.

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