Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Artful Lies of Barrett, the Stupids of Press

Frankly, I don't have a dog in this fight.  Barrett is a hack moron, and Morales is a good cop--but both are in the Big City which we avoid as much as possible.

Anyhow.  A very well-connected (but narcissist twit) RadioMouth at WISN 1130 heard--reliably--that Barrett wants Morales OUT of the Chief-Chair.

Ever since then, it's been a game of "Dumb Press/Lying Mayor/Crab-Walking Chief." 

Not only "dumb" Press.  Remarkably Thick-headed Near-Moron PressTake Channel 4, for example.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett doubled down and said he wants Chief Alfonso Morales to stay after his contract comes up in January. This is the second time in two weeks he has publicly said he wants Morales to stay.
"To stay"...........as WHAT?  Chief?  Patrolman?  Clerk-typist?

Moving on....the Chief knows that he's done.

"As the current Chief of the Milwaukee Police Department, I am focused on the safety and security of the members of this agency, the citizens we swore to protect and preparing for a successful 2020 Democratic National Convention."
"Current", eh?  Doh.

Back to  the Box-of-Rocks Mayor....

...there is still a question on when Morales will get a new contract. The mayor said that is up to the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission....
Technically true.  Who appointed those commissioners??  Hmmmmm????

 "I have made it clear and I will continue to make it clear I support him as chief," Barrett said.
Nothing like using the present tense.  Yah, well, that "English Grammar 101" stuff--they don't teach that in J-School, and the DumbSock reporters apparently didn't get that in high-school or grade-school, either.  Prolly Evers' Publick Screwels...

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Anonymous said...

Barrett doesn't care for Chiefs who concern themselves with actual law enforcement.