Monday, September 16, 2019

New Hotness: Trump Personality Bad!!!

Someone has written the New Hotness Script, and the Nooz is reading the script very well.


A Pubbie County Chairman was interviewed.

...when a reporter asked him if he had any qualms about Donald Trump, he readily acknowledged some.

“I think a president ought to look like a president, act like a president.  And he doesn’t do that,” Korolewski said.  “I wouldn’t work for him for three minutes, and neither would you. You can’t! How could you work for him?”

Concerns about President Trump’s personality and behavior are one of the great wild cards in the 2020 election....
This is near-identical to Conrad Black's flapjaw, and that of Peggy Noonan, who was a speechwriter about 40 years ago.

But the New Hotness is all mapped out for "reporters," none of which actually get it.  Trump's braggadocio is partly bullshit.  And 'bullshit' is not exactly new.  In my professional background, I met dozens of people who bragged about their "accomplishments"--most of which were exaggerated or twisted. Crybaby MSM Twerps call that "lying."  Actual real-life adult professionals call it 'bullshit.'  BIG difference.

The other component is Trump's tweaking both the MSM Twerps AND his opponents.  He's having fun.  Some of us get it, and one meme-maker depicted a cat chasing the laser-pointer as the analogy.  Dead-on analogy, folks.  But the Twerp Battalion.......oh, well.

By the way, the Twerps include Romney, Noonan, Lyin' Paul Ryan, and Charlie Sykes.  All this time you thought they were smart.  You were wrong.   THEY think they're smart and deserve better than being has-beens, failures, and crybabies.  

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