Monday, September 23, 2019

Statist Lie From the "Newspaper"

Bang-bang.  First paragraph, the Big Lie of Statism:

The leading Republican in the state Senate wants to use new revenue that could be used for a rainy day to cut taxes next spring — potential spending ...
You'd think someone working for a newspaper would know the difference between "shrinking revenue" and "spending."  Poor little Molly Beck could ask any one of several dozen ex-JS employees about that.

Statists begin by assuming that all money belongs to the State, so if the State screws you out of less of your earnings reduces taxes, the State is "spending."

No wonder they're down to begging for $1.00/month "special" rate subscribers.

As to the actual story, yah, we get it:  Fitzie is running for Congress, wants to spread happy-juice around to grease the skids, yadayada.  Maybe it's a good idea, maybe not.

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