Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Working On Another Win: CFPB

Remember Aunt Lizzie Fauxcahontas' very own Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?  The one that reports to nobody, is financed by the Fed, and makes up all sorts of rules without any input from any elected critters?

Yup.  That one.

Seems that CFPB went off and sued somebody.  The somebody's response was along the lines of "Drop dead.  You are un-constitutional."  

Well.  My stars!! as Aunt Lizzie would say, after having got herself..........a beer! 

The 9th Circus naturally slapped down the "un-constitutional" argument, whereupon the sued-upon party applied for cert at SCOTUS.

Here's the fun part:  Trump's appointee at CFPB agrees with the cert; CFPB argues that, in fact, it IS un-constitutional!


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