Monday, September 23, 2019

"Control Access to Guns," She Said

Been around long enough to remember this event.

State Sen. Shilling's parents were killed during an armed robbery in Chicago.

...Richard and Lynn worked their last day at the Brown's Chicken & Pasta restaurant they owned in suburban Chicago. A day later, Shilling received the news she still can't speak about without tears. Two men — one a former employee — arrived at the fast-food restaurant near closing time with a gun and a knife. Her parents and five of their employees were killed and left in the store's coolers....
The Senator still deserves our sympathy; her parents deserve our prayers.

But as you might expect, this is re-told as part of a campaign to do something about "guns."  Let's move on a bit in the story.

..."We learned in court how those two suspects got the gun that killed my parents and five of our employees — they bought it for 50 bucks with a box of ammunition from a friend," Shilling said. "The friend's mom had the gun in a shoebox in her closet. ... This teenage son goes into the closet, knows the gun is there, takes down the shoebox, sells it to his friend for 50 bucks and seven people's lives are gone....
I'm willing to bet that the very same narrative--or a slight variation thereof--could be used to describe how thousands of criminals obtained their weapons.

Why does her statement matter??

Because Shilling wants to 'control access' to guns.

"We're also talking about access to guns," Shilling said.
Just exactly how would the Senator "control" that kid who sold his mom's handgun?  How would she "control" a burglar who broke into her own home and swiped her husband's duck-hunting shotgun?

Wisconsin's Chapter 51 provides "control" for mental-health problems.  And ugly as this sounds, the Second Amendment provides "control" over thieves, robbers, and wannabee killers through the mechanism of "self-defense."

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