Saturday, September 21, 2019

Gabbard Makes a Point. So What?

There's a video at this link where you'll find the usual word-dance from Gabbard and Cavuto.

To Cavuto, it's "Iran bad, Saudi Arabia good."

To Gabbard, it's "Saudi Arabia finances Al-Quaeda."

Iran is not "good."  Neither is Saudi Arabia.  

The difference is simple:  Saudi Arabia pumps a lot of oil and buys a helluvalotta US weapons.  Cavuto is a puppet of the US Chamber of Commerce.  Doh!  KSA buys a lot of influence.  Ask Bush what happened to all those Saudi princelings the day after 9/11 sometime.

Both are Mohammedan extremists, too.  That means something if you remember the meaning of "Gates of Vienna."

Anyhow.  Gabbard prefers to ignore history.  The US has teamed up with a known mass-murderer to defeat another mass-murderer.  We chose Stalin, remember?  He butchered or starved about 10 million Russkies before FDR decided to help him defeat Germany.  Sometimes geo-politics are even uglier than wars.

She made her point.  Others are looking at a far bigger picture.

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