Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hey, Kenosha Schools: FIRE Your Lawyers!

Another case of How Lawyers F*** Up Anything.

Last year, a Kenosha cheerleader was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.  This year, her cheer-teammates want to do a short routine at a game to remember her.

Kenosha school district will not allow it.


"The District will not sanction any memorials or acknowledgements because it would be legally required to do so for all students involved in order to protect the District against possible legal claims.

"All students involved" means THE MURDERER.  Kenosha's lawyers told Kenosha that the district would have to "honor" the MURDERER or be faced with some sort of "claim."

FIRE your damn lawyers.  Retain a firm which will defend you, instead of a limp-d*** crybaby bunch.


Dave P. said...

They reversed the decision.

Dad29 said...

I'll take credit for that. WHy not?