Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The Islamic Blinders of Pp. Francis

The current Pope thinks that many Christians--including those martyred by Moslems, I suppose--"mis-understand" Islam.

Well, there IS an Islamic authority who should understand it, according to this essay.

...Pope Francis and other Catholic apologists for Islam claim that terrorist leaders simply misunderstand Islam. If that’s the case, then the very first person to misunderstand Islam was Muhammad himself, who commanded that the hand of a thief be cut off. The Life of Muhammad—which, after the Koran and the Hadith, is considered the most important source of Islamic truths—is essentially a record of Muhammad’s jihadist exploits. Approximately two-thirds of its 800 pages detail Muhammad’s jihad raids, his beheading of captured prisoners, his slave trading, his endorsement of rape and sex slavery, and his use of torture.....
All very Islamic?  Non-Islamic?  Confusing??  Or portentious??

And then there's that little 'memorandum of understanding' that Francis signed with some Islamic cleric.

....does Grand Imam Al-Tayeb misunderstand Islam? Yes, he did sign the Document on Human Fraternity—but Muhammad signed the Treaty of Hudaibiya with the Meccans, too. That was a great PR stunt, but it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on....
Which ONE was 'a great PR stunt'?  Francis' or Mohammed's?

Or both??

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