Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Trump Mentions Ancient Catholic Theory of War

During his speech at the UN, Trump observed that 'Iranian leaders are pushing war because of their own ambitions.  They have grown apart from the people of that State'--a charge he also leveled at the majority of US politicians and Cloud People on his way to election. (See minute 14:00 forward....)

So happens that early Catholic teaching about war fits neatly into Trump's analysis.

...As Augustine and Aquinas argued most explicitly, humanity’s fallen nature thus gives rise to two kinds of war: unjust wars motivated by pride, vanity,...and just wars fought in self-defense against unjust aggression or to otherwise punish evildoers....
That is not co-incidence.  It's easy to see that Trump has studied the matter, and in fact, knows more about "war" than do most modern-day Catholic "scholars" on the topic, who assign 'structures of sin' as the cause, rather than 'personal sin.'

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