Saturday, September 21, 2019

Reagan No Longer "The Talisman"

It's always useful to read (or listen to) Deneen.

In a delightful mid-length interview with Lifesite's Van Maren, Deneen observed--among other things--that Reagan is no longer "the talisman" unifying the classical liberals (secular "conservatives") and libertarian/materialists,  with the social conservatives.

The fusion between those groups was possible because of mutual opposition to Russian communism; but as Reagan's  radical individualism praxis logically led to such things as "gender fluidity" and "queer marriage," that fusion is rapidly coming apart.  The 'integralists' --actually, 'social conservatives' are restless.

See, e.g., Ahmari v. French.

In some ways, the Bannon/Trump campaign understands this.  Despite Trump's highly visible moral ...ahhh......challenges, and his acceptance of nearly the entire homosexual agenda, Trump is still THE most pro-life President since 1900 or so.  That's quite an achievement.  That leads to this:  Deneen reminds us that "liberty" is NOT--in any classical sense--the freedom from restraint to obtain what one wants.  In fact, "liberty" exists when one disciplines oneself to do what is right (as JPII repeated.)  "What is right" obviously means "what is moral."

"What is right.....moral" is THE concern as Progressives recognize that human nature itself is a limit on "freedom" (actually, license.)  Thus we see the movement of Big Tech and its allies to fundamentally change human nature itself. 

Hello, Frankenstein!!

In the end, what will be the 'new' way of political life?  Is it Dreherism? 


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