Monday, September 30, 2019

Libertarian + Christian? Good Luck With That!

Probably a very nice lady.  But she has a problem.  She is establishing a "Christian caucus" inside the Libertarian Party.  Then a reporter asked her about platform matters.

THE STREAM: What is your platform now, how was it specifically Christian and Libertarian?

HELEN GILSON: Well, I wouldn’t call it a platform yet. But we are going to be working on platform issues by convention, and meeting at convention to develop a specific platform. We are still aligned with the Libertarian Party and the platform they have. But we will hopefully have influence in the direction the party goes in the future.

THE STREAM: What would your position be on specifically social issues? As I understand it, the Libertarian Party is loath to over-legislate. But there are issues like abortion, marriage and drugs and so on. Do you have a position on those in particular?

HELEN GILSON: I personally do, but as I said, we haven’t developed a platform. A better way to think about it at this point is our mission statement. Our mission statement is to help the Libertarian Party see Christ in Christians, and to help Christians see the Libertarian Party through the eyes of Jesus....
Do you hear a non-response?  I do.

Well, then.  The Libertarian Party is known for its non-opposition to such things as abortion, gay "marriage," and other conduct which actual Christians decry as "immoral."

One suspects that this lady and her friends will be spending a long, long, time trying to square those circles.

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Anonymous said...

Libertarianism fails for the same reason socialism does. Both are based on an idealized understanding of human nature and either would work just fine if everyone were a saint.