Monday, September 30, 2019

CIA Getting Nervous About Spying on Trump

To the surprise of NOBODY, the CIA is now pushing the narrative that 'the President and his A.G. are pushing/jostling foreign leaders (Italy, Australia, England) for information on the CIA op run against Trump during his campaign--and afterwards.  Naturally, it was run as "real news" by Channel 6, whose newsroom staff is left of Hillary.

(By the way, the Aussies flatly state that the NYT/CIA is lying about 'pressure.' Shocking, I know.)

The NERVE of those guys Trump and Barr, looking for the criminal conspirators here in the US and for their accomplices in other countries.


After all, it's just fine and dandy for the CIA and FBI to spy on political candidates, particularly if they don't like those dirtball populist America First Wal-Mart shoppers who smell funny and who voted for that bastard.

I can't wait for that civil war to start.

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