Thursday, September 19, 2019

Tokin'Tony's Energy Plan? Freeze in the Dark

Tokin'Tony proclaims that Wisconsin should be renewable-energy powered by 2050.

Have blankets?

...If energy storage costs would have to fall to $5/kWh for wind & solar to be competitive with natural gas peaker power plants ($77.70-89.30/MWh) and $10-20/kWh to be competitive with nuclear power ($77.50/MWh) baseload, how low would it have to get to be competitive with natural gas combined cycle ($41.20-46.30/MWh) baseload?...

...the $20/kWh only applies to “resource-abundant locations such as Texas and Arizona” and, since there is no such thing as a nuclear powered peaker, the $150/kWh cost target is more likely to be achieved through freezing in the dark…
OR, of course, you could pay the $150.00/mwh price for all-renewable (and pray for nothing but sunshine and strong breezes in Wisconsin.)

$150.00/mwh is about double what you're paying today, and that assumes perfect weather.  And 'peaker plants' that can actually run only 5% of the time.

And--what the hell--unicorn fart-powered peaker plants!!

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