Monday, September 30, 2019

Another Fake "Hate Crime"

Saw this story last week and didn't believe it at the time.

I was right.

Amari Allen, a sixth grader, said she was ” assaulted” last Monday during recess on the playground at her school, Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Va.

“They put me on the ground,” Amari told the New York Times on Friday in a phone interview. “One of them put my hands behind my back. One put his hands over my mouth. One cut my hair. They were saying that my hair was ugly, that it was nappy.”
But The Washington Post reported on Monday that the girl has now recanted her story.
“The sixth-grade girl at a private Virginia school who accused three classmates last week of forcibly cutting her hair now says the allegations were false, according to statements from the girl’s family and the principal at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield....
Well, she got the attention she wanted.  Kinda like Adam Schiff, ya'know? 

And the Press?  They've earned even more distrust.  Is it possible to sink below 0 on a 100-point scale?

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