Sunday, September 01, 2019

Bolton Out re: Afghanistan. So What?

Mirengoff of PowerLine reports on a WaPo story.

...John Bolton, President Trump’s national security adviser, has been excluded from discussions about an Afghanistan “peace deal” between the U.S. and the Taliban. Bolton apparently doesn’t favor such a deal....

Mmmmmkaaayy......we all know that Bolton's first instinct is to nuke everyone and let God sort it out.  So maybe that's not what Trump wants to do, eh?

...reaching a deal with the Taliban might be the easiest task, since Trump seems to contemplate something like surrender, and the Taliban must figure it can violate the terms of any agreement with the U.S....
Best question here is "So What?"

So What if the US--after a few decades of ZERO useful results but $$ZILLIONS spent and lots of dead US troops--decides to get out of Dodge?

So What if the Taliban runs Afghanistan?  That will be India's problem, maybe.  Or maybe not.  Who cares?  Won't change the global flow of heroin, will it?  Yes, the goat population may be harmed...  

Finally:  what "agreement" with the Taliban is worth the paper it's written on?  (Hint:  even GWBush knows the answer to that question.)  And more:  what do they have that the USA wants?  

Lindsey Graham, another 'Nukes First' kinda guy, claims that the Taliban will be invading the US or something as soon as we helo the last troops outta there.  OK, then--let them try!  That would give us the final answer on the eternal 'Which is better? .223 or .30-06?' question, no?  (Hint:  I like the -06)

Other reports have it that Graham will volunteer to go in-country and in combat.  Maybe Mirengoff wants to join him?

Just get out of there.  Now would be good.


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