Thursday, January 04, 2018

Wrong, Ron Johnson, Damnit!!

RoJo--who actually sits on a National Security committee of the U S Senate--declared to Vicki McKenna that Trump 'did the right thing' by nixing any prosecution of Hillary after the election.  RoJo said that 'prosecuting your enemies' is 'something you do in a banana republic.'

Really, Ron, you TWIT??

That stone bitch compromised NATIONAL SECURITY--the same stuff you are sworn to protect and safeguard, remember?

It would be one thing if Trump found some twinky campaign-finance violation and set the Justice Department on her.  That would be petty banana-republic stuff.


RoJo, it's clear that you are far more Establishment than you sounded like when you ran.

How's that Repeal/Replace of ObozoCare going, Ron??

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