Saturday, January 20, 2018

Still a Never-Trumper? (Christian, This Means You...)

We saw--and laughed at--Schneider's "Never Trump, Dammit!!" bleating in the local rag.  His outburst was occasioned by the electoral loss of a not-too-good (R) candidate to a (D) who picked up Trumpian themes and won with them.

Got that?  The (D) ran on anti-Madison (read:  anti-Establishment) and "good jobs" themes while the (R) voted against FoxConn and mumbled about regulatory obscurities. 

So it's Trump's fault that the (R) lost.  Uh-huh.

There's another way to look at this, of course.

...Establishment Republicans insist that our president is poisonous to discourse, yet they offer nothing more than spittle-flecked denunciations of the man personally while failing to recognize the invaluable work he is doing to thwart the steady degeneration of our form of government. 

Mind you, this work has been long avoided by those same Republicans who now strike at the president's knees as he takes up the cause of national restoration, harassing him for putting bold action behind the very principles these neglectful Republicans have themselves espoused in countless campaigns but apparently never actually believed.

Conservatives and other constitutionally respectful constituencies have spent the better part of a century following the advice of such Republicans and have achieved nothing beyond bare survival.  

Under their leadership, we now have a world where our children know precious little about the form of government intended for them by our framers and are consequently eager to trade their inherent liberty for trinkets of socialist Utopiana. 

Our Republican leaders talk of conservative principles yet govern from an agenda essentially homogenous to that of the Democrats – only slower, at lower cost.

Let me help you understand this, Chris.  Trump was right then, and although he won partially due to the utter reprehensibility of the opponent, he has done damn near everything right since election.

Pubbies who--like Schneider, Jeb, and Romney--still don't get it, will continue to lose.  Walker is right:  the wake-up call has been sounded.  Republicans with no cojones, and their camp-follower pundits, are going to lose.   That's why Flake and Hatch are quitting.  

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