Saturday, January 06, 2018

"St." Comey, a Profile in Cowardice

Andrew McCarthy hits it right on the button here. April 2016, when the Clinton-emails investigation was in full swing but before it was anywhere close to completion, President Obama gave a nationally televised interview in which he made clear that he did not want criminal charges brought against his former secretary of state — and the already certain Democratic candidate to succeed him. Obama made two duplicitous points: Mrs. Clinton (1) had exhibited “carelessness,” but nothing worse, by using a private, non-secure email system to conduct State Department business, and (2) had not intended to endanger American national security when she stored and transmitted classified information on this system.

The FBI has taken the heat because it ultimately applied these disingenuous guidelines publicly and without apology. But it was the political leadership of the executive branch that called the tune — which seems like news only because the media’s revulsion over presidential attempts to influence criminal investigations would await Donald Trump’s inauguration....

Well, yes--Obama, the Alinskyite/Marxist 'called the tune.'  But his FBI Director licked his boot and did the wrong thing, becoming a Profile in Cowardice. 

That's not how one obtains sainthood.

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