Thursday, January 18, 2018

Maybe Jarchow Was a Lousy Candidate, Eh?

Something that strikes me as common sense about the 10 Senate/Wisconsin:

Her campaign focused not on attacking Trump but fighting the opioid crisis, improving access to health care[,] and bringing good-paying jobs to the region. --WaPo

"Schachtner also ran on resentment toward Madison and MKE, " he tweeted.  "From her campaign announcement: 'Whether it's roads, schools or jobs, Madison politicians take money away from us and give it to Milwaukee.'"--Mike Gousha

Both quoted at Thinker.

So the Republican was talking about property rights and deregulation in the campaign, while the Democrat was talking about solving the opiate crisis, alleviating the nightmare of Obamacare and getting good-paying jobs to the district?

Instead of asking whom you think voters would choose with that contrasting pair of platforms, the more useful question is, which platform would President Trump have taken had he been the candidate in that election?...

Yah.  Jarchow is kinda tone-deaf.  Maybe the "Wake-Up Call" is this:  Pubbies should actually give a fig about their constituency's concerns.  

Worked for the orange-haired guy, ya'know.


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