Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Stench of "St James" Shithole Comey

Comey, who is still living very well on a taxpayer-financed pension and benefits plan, now looks more like a shithole than Haiti.

...The text exchanges also indicate the FBI substituted, and then omitted, damaging language in FBI Director Comey’s July 5, 2016 statement that recommended Clinton not be charged. The original draft noted that Clinton had improperly used personal email to contact President Obama while abroad in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. According to the text exchange, an FBI official then removed President Obama’s name and stated that Clinton had simply emailed “another senior government official.” In the final statement as delivered by Comey on July 5, both references were omitted entirely....

That was Comey who omitted the language.  It was also Comey who, long before he even pretended to interview Hillary-the-Espionage-Act-Violator-in-Chief, had determined (with the even more corrupt Lynch) that HRC would go free.

Yes, that S.702 license given to the Feebs, CIA, and NSA looks better every day, doesn't it?

Thanks, RoJo!!

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