Sunday, January 14, 2018

RAISE Act: Screwing American STEM People. Again.

Professor Matloff on the RAISE Act proposal:

...America’s tech workers, already victimized by immigration policy, would be harmed even more by RAISE, as it would redistribute green card allocation from the largely low-skilled to the high-skilled, thus providing even more competition at the latter level. While it might seem desirable to bring in more techies, we have a surplus as it is. And even worse, extra points would be given to younger workers who wish to immigrate, exacerbating the rampant age discrimination in the industry....

Not real surprising.

...the Issa and Durbin-Grassley bills to reform H-1B would have the effect of encouraging Congress to enact some kind of Staple a Green Card to Their Diplomas legislation, under which foreign STEM students at U.S. universities would be granted a fast track green card. This would be truly disastrous, dwarfing any current problem with H-1B etc....

Issa is into this because he represents California, of course.  Grassley because he's not very bright, and Durbin because he's not very bright AND understands how to get more (D) voters.  What a lovely combination.

By the way, these are the bills supported by the anti-third-world-immigration bunch, too.

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