Friday, January 19, 2018

RoJo Renews Gov't Spying. Same Day Gov't Spying Goes Nuclear

Why, sure, the Gummint should have the right to spy on US citizens without warrants, except the warrants issued by FISA.

That's RoJo's stand, and he's not going to apologize.  (He has yet to apologize for his failure to repeal ObozoCare, too.)

On the same day RoJo voted for this abomination, a 3-page memo was circulated showing EXACTLY WHY Section 702 should have been buried.  See, 702 was used to spy on Trump and all of his friends and acquaintances--authorized by FISA after Comey, Obama, and Lynch lied like Hell.

RoJo must think that no more bad guys will ever get elected.

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