Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Ratzinger the Liturgical Populist?

Interesting tidbit buried in a letter from B-16 to Cdl. Muller.

...In the confused times in which we are living, the whole scientific theological competence and wisdom of he who must make the final decisions seem to me of vital importance. For example, I think that things might have gone differently in the Liturgical Reform if the words of the experts had not been the last ones, but if, apart from them, a wisdom capable of recognizing the limits of a “simple” scholar’s approach had passed judgment....

Can this be reduced to "they were educated beyond their intelligence and we shoulda checked with a few experienced parish priests"?

Yes, it can.  Another drubbing for the 'elite' (or 'effete').

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Anonymous said...

A parish priest like Fr Rutler for example.....