Monday, January 22, 2018

Too Cynical??

Ace saw this and it's juuuuuusssst believable enough to re-post.

Discussing the FBI's "loss" of text messages between horn-dog and his bitch, which covered a most interesting period of time from 2016-2017, Steve Green answers the following question:

Does anyone really believe that the FBI “lost” texts from a senior FBI counterintelligence agent that were sent over an FBI device?  


The thing is, you're not supposed to believe it. No one is -- not in any meaningful sense.
Maybe I'm just getting paranoid, but today's limp excuse is so lame that it almost seems as though there must be something more sinister going on here than simply failing to comply with a congressional investigation.

What the FBI is doing is demonstrating its political power -- baring its fangs, if you will -- by showing in the most obviously unbelievable way that it will do what it please. The FBI wants the people who count to understand that the Bureau cannot and will not be held accountable.

IOW, it's the Feebs' version of "fuck you" money.

Based on what Fran Schmitz, John Chisholm, and their rat-pack ADA/GAB sub-capos pulled off without any punishment, I'd say the FBI has very good odds of getting an increase in their budget next year, too.

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