Sunday, January 21, 2018

Horrific Stats from CARA

CARA is "Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate,"  a Georgetown U. polling and research outfit.  It's considered to be the most reliable benchmarker of Catholics in the US.

So this is truly horrific.

...The survey found that while 98 percent of American Catholic women say they believe in God in some way, only about one-third (35%) attend mass even fairly regularly, and just under one-third (30%) say they attend confession once a year, which is a significant repudiation of the bedrock obligations of Catholicism by women who call themselves Catholic....

For women born since 1970 or so, that 35% number becomes only about 20%.


Since a lot of folks have said (rightly or not) that the US Church has become 'feminized' since Vatican II, one now wonders where are the femmes in that Church?

If these women claim, but do not practice, Catholicism, what of their children?  Well, maybe that cradle-rocking didn't overcome the Holy Spirit!!

....Women of the Baby Boom generation showed the most support for women deacons, with 65% registering approval, while Millennials showed the lowest levels of support, at 53%. And just over 50% of women who attend mass weekly support women deacons.

In another sign that Millennial Catholic women may be trending more conservative then their mothers and grandmothers—possibly because so many more progressive-leaning women have left the church—one-quarter (26%) report using natural family planning as a method of contraception, which is the second-highest rate following women born before the availability of modern contraceptives....

That aligns with observations of the attendees at Extraordinary Form Masses; there is a very large percentage of people under the age of 40 (with lots of chilluns!!!) at those Masses.

Overall, this survey does not surprise us.  We have met plenty of the Baby Boom demi-apostates; I recall a raucous parents' meeting at our parochial school where three very socially prominent dames were loudly chanting "We Want Sex!!" in the back of the room.  (They were advocating sex-ed, not asking for extramarital stress-relief.  At least, that's what I thought at the time.)  More recently, we ran across an old bat who was given responsibility for approving the wedding plans at the local parish.  She loudly complained about the 'conservatives' she had to deal with, meaning my daughter and wife.  We did exactly what we wanted to do regardless--but knew this was enemy territory.

The Gates of Hell shall not prevail.  But you can see them from here in America....  

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