Thursday, January 25, 2018

Walker's Big Gummint Pander

Suddenly, Scott Walker has become Santa Walker, dispensing all sorts of taxpayer money to all sorts of people. 

Must be an election coming, eh?  Or maybe Scott is "woke" from the "wake-up call" in Senate 10--the election for which damn near nobody showed up to vote and the candidate with Trump-ish themes won.  Oh yah--that winner was a (D).

So now Scott goes (D) for a while?

...Walker said he is investing much of an estimated half-billion dollar budget surplus, introducing Wednesday a $122 million child tax credit which would give families $100 per child, affecting an estimated 671,000 families....

First of all, any time ANY pol uses the term "invest", grab your wallet.  They don't "invest."  They SPEND.  Here he's talking about a REFUNDABLE credit, not a deduction.  So if you don't owe any State tax but have a kid, you get $100.00!!!  Maybe Walker never heard of AFDC, or even charities which help families w/chilluns?

...The Walker administration also announced a $50 million rural economic development program, providing grant money to “stimulate private investment, improve productivity, and to fill open jobs in rural communities.”...

What we need here, folks, is MORE PAVEMENT!!  

...Walker also boasted about increased spending on K-12 education. Democratic critics have called it a cynical election year move that comes after previous cuts to education under the Walker administration.....

He proposes to dump another $200.00/student into every school.  Curious:  he didn't mention state-wide application of School Choice.  Maybe he just forgot about that sort of people, figuring that like pro-lifers, they're going to vote for him anyway.   Oh, really, Scott??

...Walker also discussed a recently-introduced plan to stabilize the healthcare system in Wisconsin with a plan that guarantees coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and assistance paying for premiums for people who don’t get their insurance through an employer or through Medicaid.
“Our healthcare stability plan will help keep premiums at a reasonable level here in Wisconsin,” Walker said, “This is a market-driven approach to bring stability to healthcare in Wisconsin.”...

Whenever a government puts its hands into something, it is NOT "market-driven."  But we'll see what he actually thinks he means, I suppose.

Scott Walker has always been a Government Employee (save a few short years early on.)  Therefore, Government Solutions are in his bloodstream.  Scott needs to be reminded that Government Solutions soak up the free cash which should be available to Private Sector Solutions.

That would be REAL progress.

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