Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"Bad for Workers," Yael? Wrong!

A nice young fellow named Yael Ossowski doesn't like tariffs.  He calls them "bad for workers."

Perhaps Mr. Ossowski never heard of Galesburg, IL, where there used to be a lot of "workers" in a now-closed appliance plant.  In fact, it was a company town, so virtually the entire town is history.  He should visit there someday.

How about Amana, IA.?  Greenville, MI.?  Ever look at the old Magic Chef plant in Cleveland, TN., Yael?

Someday, Yael, read history.  Learn something about US workers--the blood-and-guts ones, not the keyboard-tappers or "think"-tank twits.  US workers could afford US products very well, thanks--until there were no more US workers.

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