Sunday, January 28, 2018

Can't Mitt Just Stay Home?

Mitt Romney is a very nice guy who has this .....umnnhhhh.........TIC about being President of the US.  Or maybe it's an un-scratchable itch.  So he shows up and blathers.

Ninety percent of all new cars Americans purchase will be electric in the not too distant future, said former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney....


Well.  Tesla has certainly made an impression with the ...what?...5,000 cars they actually produced--the ones that have not self-ignited or driven themselves into fire trucks.  GM and Ford are spending umpty-$$$billions on electric cars with the idea that Romney is right, too.

Meanwhile, the second-largest auto company on Earth, Toyota, is going with hydrogen fuel-cell cars.  Wonder why?

Simple.  There ain't enough electric capacity.

...The trouble arises when electric car owners install dedicated electric vehicle charging circuits. In most parts of California, charging an electric car at one of those is the equivalent of adding one house to the grid, which can be a significant additional burden, since a typical neighborhood circuit has only five to 10 houses. In San Francisco, where the weather is cool and air conditioning is rarely used, the peak demand of a house is much lower than in the hotter parts of California. As a result, the local grid is sized for a much smaller load. A house in San Francisco might only draw two kilowatts of power at times of peak demand, according to Pacific Gas & Electric. In comparison, a new electric vehicle on a dedicated circuit could draw 6.6 kilowatts—and up to 20 kilowatts in the case of an optional home fast charger for a Tesla Model S....

Yah, blowing up the neighborhood substation will not make you popular with the ladies.  Or anyone else.  There are other problems, too, such as the limited range--which is OK in the city, but not for the country--and the utter dearth of plug-stations for re-charging.

Meantime, hydrogen is plentiful.  You might have noticed that every time you take a drink of water, or breathe.

Ol' Mitt should stick to the Olympics.  The USOC, having covered itself in doo-doo lately, needs a nice-guy face.  Send your resume, Mitt.

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