Sunday, January 07, 2018

Earmarks! Mother's Milk for Swamp Creatures

Sure enough, they're thinking of bringing back earmarks.

Ryan, to his eternal credit, nixed that gambit in 2016.  But the Urge to Spend Money is nearly as strong as the Urge to Procreate (or whatever) in Congressional offices....

....But here’s the conundrum in the upcoming earmark debate: what some constituents and lawmakers view as crucial is seen by others as a boondoggle.

The Constitution clearly asserts it’s up to Congress to direct federal spending. That lack of focus means unnamed federal bureaucrats at agencies decide how to spend taxpayer dollars instead of elected representatives.

Ask voters if they want invisible bureaucrats calling the shots -- or their members of Congress....

How about this idea:  STOP THE SPENDING!   Buy guns and ammo for the Pentagon, fund the USPO, and go home.

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