Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ryan Steps into S.702, Comes Out Smelling Bad

Well, then.  Yesterday morning the House leadership (i.e., Ryan and McCarthy) was all set to renew Section 702, which allows NSA/FEEBS (and anyone else who's interested) to spy on your phones, emails, and text messages for no reason or any reason at all.

This is Your Government, remember? 

Then the President decided that maybe 702 ain't such a great idea. 

Then the President decided that, actually, 702 is a great idea.

Then "Saint Jim" Comey proclaimed that 702 is REALLY GOOD!!! 

(Uhhhhmmmnnnnn...that's like the home-invader proclaiming that a law forbidding door-locks is REALLY GOOD!!  (By the way, F*&^ you, Comey.))

Some Pubbies with more than half a brain have now decided that 702 needs further examination.  Even Palsi thinks so and managed to emit a coherent sentence or two about it.

Let's hope that Paul Ryan gets the message, even within his walled-compound home.

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