Friday, January 26, 2018

Trump Goes Off the Rails

Looks very much like The Donald has gone all Schumer on his first promise:  immigration.

Beyond the 1.8 million illegals he wants to make into citizens (which is something like 300% of this last Monday's number) there's another very significant change.

“The White House proposal gets rid of the visa lottery, [but] what they’ve done is, they eliminated the lottery but they reallocated the visas to reduce the family-based backlog [of four million persons], so, those are going to be applied to the family-based backlog and the high-skilled employment backlog, so we’re bringing in more people to compete for American jobs,” said Wilcox.

Trump caved to the West Coast Tech Mafia, too.  So all those suckers who did the STEM coursework in college can just drop dead while poseurs from Calcutta flock in here at a large discount.

Smooth move, Donald.

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