Tuesday, January 09, 2018

So Last Year: (D) Elections-Commissar Rants

Oh, boy.  A commissioner (commissar) calls names.

The head of the Wisconsin Elections Commission called the leader of the state Senate a coward..

Oh huh.  I have some issues with Fitzgerald, too.  But not on this matter.  Fitzgerald wants to dis-employ a couple of the slimebuckets who worked on the old Gov't Accountability Board.  You remember that outfit:  it ran a political persecution racket including predawn armed raids, etc.  Just like old Joe Stalin's boyzzzz.

Not by coincidence, the Democrat Commissar rants:

 "Today, (Haas) has the unanimous support of the commission that he should be driving this bus for the 2018 election at a time when we know the Russian government is going to be there to try to interfere with our elections," Thomsen said....

You "KNOW" that, Thomsen?  How?  Did Vlad tell you that?  Was it in code?  Have you told Herr Mueller about your knowledge?  Did you get this information from a drunken aide to the President while he was at the Top of the Park?  Or just some drunk (D) Leggie?

Get rid of all these ticks.

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