Thursday, November 02, 2017

"Dialogue Within the Church". Really??

The President of the USCCB (see below post on the civil war in the Church) issues some sort of nastygram about "dialogue."

“The departure today of Fr. Thomas Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap., as a consultant to the Committee on Doctrine and the publication of his letter to Pope Francis gives us an opportunity to reflect on the nature of dialogue within the Church.  Throughout the history of the Church, ministers, theologians and the laity all have debated and have held personal opinions on a variety of theological and pastoral issues. In more recent times, these debates have made their way into the popular press. That is to be expected and is often good.  However, these reports are often expressed in terms of opposition, as political – conservative vs. liberal, left vs. right, pre-Vatican II vs Vatican II.  These distinctions are not always very helpful."

First off, Fr. Weinandy was FIRED.  The truth is part of any useful dialogue, Your Eminence.

Secondly, Your Eminence, the Truth is "in opposition" to UN-truth, and also "in opposition" to not-exactly-truth.  Our current Pope has an affinity--a Jesuitical affinity--for the latter.  So don't give us the virtue-signal foofoodust.

We do understand that a Bishop is the absolute ruler of his Diocese vis-a-vis the Faith.

But we have ZERO illusions about a "conference of Bishops."  That's because a "conference of Bishops" has ZERO authority, as you well know.

We are only surprised that you did not spit forth the "DIVISSSSSSSSSSSIVE" word....yet.  We are NOT surprised that the USCCB still employs a woman who is an open and noisy supporter of the World's Largest Baby-Killing Organization, Planned Parenthood.

Stick that in your "dialogue," and smoke it, Your Eminence.

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