Saturday, November 04, 2017

Diplomatic Kiss-Ass, or Stuck on Stupid, Gen. Kelly?

The Donald is going to spend some time in ChiCom-land, asking for a few favors.  North Korea comes to mind, of course. 

So Gen. Kelly, his chief-of-staff, opens his pie-hole and makes a remark that in any other circumstance would be regarded as one of the most stupid, boneheaded, ignorant, and dumbass remarks in Western history.

The Chinese state publication Global Times praised White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly in an article dated Saturday for stating in an interview that the repressive communist system “has apparently worked for the Chinese people.”... mean the Chinese people who have survived, right?  Not the umpty-million who were killed by Mao and his successors, or the other umpty-million killed off while pre-born.

He continues the high-level stuck-on-stupid:

...Kelly stated that China had “beat us pretty badly in terms of trade” but that this fact “doesn’t make them an enemy” and instead should encourage American industry to compete at a higher level. “My hats off to them for taking advantage of whatever they’ve been able to take advantage of to have that trade relationship.”...

Why not?  American industry should utilize Chinese techniques like slave labor, zero environmental or safety regs, zero labor-standards laws, zero taxation for benefit of retirees.....hell, yes!!  We don't need that steeeennnking Constitution and all that "middle class" crap!!

Dumbass, bonehead, ignorant, and stupid, Kelly.

Or maybe all of that and "diplomatic kiss-ass", too.

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