Saturday, November 11, 2017

Schools Gone Wild: Merton's "Sex Ed"

Apparently the Merton junior-high sex-ed teacher is a lunatic--and so is the "language arts" teacher.

School officials apologized to parents of eighth-graders at Merton Intermediate School who were upset upon learning of a music video that was shown to students in a language arts class that had not been approved in advance.

The eighth-grade language arts staff showed students a music video of Christina Aguilera's song "Beautiful." ...

The video contained "images of homosexuality and gender/sexual identity struggles." Parents had not been notified ahead of time to preview or opt their child out of the activity, which is part of the school's Human Growth and Development curriculum.

So the 8th graders are supposed to "language arts" their way through "gender identity struggles," eh?

Methinks that there should be no struggle in FIRING two loony-teachers for gross misconduct with intent to pornographize children.

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