Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Homeowner Educates About Mohammedanism

A homeowner in Brookfield is educating the public about Mohammedanism.

...religious signs on a residential property in Brookfield have raised questions about the intentions behind the messages, and whether they prey upon fears about Muslims. 

One sign recently said, “Make war until Allah reigns supreme,” and “Read the Quran.” 
The sign has recently been changed to read "Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech are our Most Important Freedoms" and "Read the U.S. Constitution."

Noman Hussain, resident scholar at the Islamic Society of Milwaukee-Brookfield, is among those wondering about the sign, posted near Pilgrim Road and Burleigh Place. 

"There have been messages put on the board at times that had verses from the Quran (the holy book of Islam) or statements of the prophet that were taken out of context," Hussain said. ...

Or not "out of context," if you believe history.  See "Vienna, Gates of" and "Lepanto, Battle of."  Or you can read up on "no-go zones" in Sweden and Germany.  Or you can attempt to have Mass celebrated, publicly, in Saudi Arabia.  Go ahead.  Try that.

Don't kid yourselves.  Individually, Moslems are usually 'nice' people.  So what?

...a key feature of jihad, according to the highest Sunni authority of jurisprudence (Al-Azhar University in Cairo) is that one’s blood and one’s possessions are only safe if one succumbs to the rule of Islam; nobody outside it merits protection....

I repeat:  So what?

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